Privacy & Security Notice

December 2018


This privacy notice explains how Cypient Black collects, uses and discloses members’ personal information, and the choices members have associated with that information. This privacy notice also explains how information is collected on this website, including through the use of cookies.

  • When we refer to “Cypient Black,” “we,” “our,” or “us” in this notice, we are referring to Cypient Black, its employees, agents, contractors and representatives, and our Platform, which you join to secure your personal digital life.

  • When we refer to “you” in this notice, we are referring to a “Member” of Cypient Black, including any “Principal Member” (i.e., the individual who procures or is sponsored for Cypient Black membership), and any family members designated by a Principal Member for group protection (collectively, “Member Group”). Members may also be referred to as Cypient Black “End Users.”

  • When we refer to "Visitors" in this notice, we are referring to visitors of this website, whether or not they are also Members of Cypient Black.

  • When we refer to “Sponsor” in this notice, we are referring to an organization that procures Cypient Black membership for a Principal Member and their family Member Group (e.g., a Principal Member’s employer).

  • When we refer to “third parties” in this notice, we are referring to external servicers Cypient Black engages to facilitate the security and operation of our platform and services.

  • When we refer to “Personal Data” in this notice, we are referring to data that could be used, alone or in combination with other data, to identify you as an individual.


Cypient Black is headquartered in Maryland, in the United States. 


We recognize that information privacy is an ongoing responsibility, and will update this Privacy Notice as we undertake new personal data practices. While individual practices may change, we pledge that our core commitment protecting your personal privacy will not.


As part of this commitment, we maintain the following Privacy Principles as integral to our Platform:

  • Privacy First. The privacy and security of your personal data is not an afterthought – it is the foundation of our business and technology.

  • Privacy Always. Privacy is not a standalone feature of Cypient Black – it is embedded throughout our platform and services.

  • Privacy Extended. Privacy protection does not stop at our perimeter – we facilitate privacy by default configurations across your devices and online accounts and enable end to end data protection that covers your entire family. Where applicable, we enable you to leverage advancements in your personal privacy to elevate the corporate security operations of your organizational sponsors.

  • Privacy Empowered. We believe privacy and security capabilities are only effective if they enhance, not restrict, your ability to access information, and if they increase the control you have over your own personal data. We educate you on how we protect your information, and provide regular reporting on how your data is being used to secure your personal digital life.


We collect and use your personal data exclusively to protect your personal digital life. The data we collect, and how we use that data, varies depending on the specific cybersecurity and privacy capabilities we are providing through the Platform.


3.1. Cypient Black Enrollment

When you join Cypient Black, we collect personal data that you provide directly to us in order to enroll you in the Platform.


  • We deploy a team of cybersecurity professionals to your home (or other designated personal locations you chose) to set up new secure home networks, and enroll your Membership Group’s personal devices in the Platform. As part of deployment, you provide us with information about your personal devices, existing home network infrastructure and online accounts. This includes sensitive information such as account user names and passwords.



  • We use this information solely to secure your home network, and configure security and privacy settings across your personal devices and accounts, as part of integrating your devices and accounts with the Platform.



  • We collect and store some of this information on physical media (i.e., paper) that is destroyed on site before deployment is completed. We also collect and store some of this information in compartmented cloud-based applications, such as a password manager, which we have access to during deployment, but which are restricted to you alone after deployment is completed.



  • Information we collect during our enrollment process is not shared with anyone other than the Cypient Black team supporting your deployment. We provide you with a summary of the information collected, and any modifications we make to you network and devices, upon completion of the deployment process.

3.2. Cypient Black Protection

Once you have enrolled in the Platform, we collect data from your home network, personal devices and third-party sources supporting our cybersecurity and privacy operations in order to provide you with cybersecurity and privacy protection.


The following graphic depicts how we collect and process information throughout the Cypient Black Platform.

Executive Cyber Protection Platform  We collect security alerts related to your network and internet traffic directly from your home networks, and ingest it into a Member Group-specific infrastructure.  We use 3rd party software to collect data about your devices and online accounts, and temporarily store the data in 3rd party cloud-based portals.  We collect data about your devices and online accounts from the 3rd party cloud-based portals, and ingest it into your Member Group-specific infrastructure.  We de-identify your personal data, break any connection to its Member Group, and analyze it along with aggregate security data from across the Cypient Black Platform to provide you with enhanced cyber and privacy protection.  For personal data collected in your Member Group-specific infrastructure, you can delete your data at any time.



  • We use proprietary network security equipment installed in your home(s) (or other location(s) designated during deployment), software installed on your personal devices, and a Membership Group-isolated and dedicated cloud-based security infrastructure and Virtual Private Network through which we route your internet traffic, in order to monitor network traffic, block malicious activity and enhance your privacy.

  • To minimize the data we collect and process, we use automated tools to monitor your network and online activity locally, within the confines of your home networks and your personal devices, so that personal data is not copied or shared unnecessarily.

  • We only collect and store logs of security events related to your network and online activity. We do not collect and store your internet browsing history, the content of your digital communications (such as text messages, chats, emails, etc.) or photos and videos.



  • To protect this data, we employ security controls that meet industry best practices (e.g. strong encryption for data in transit and at rest, multi factor authentication, and least privilege access). In addition, we completely segregate the networks, devices, data and infrastructure of each Member Group, and give you ultimate control over your data.

  • We use automation, de-identification, encryption, least privilege and segregation of duties to ensure that data we process outside of your Member-controlled infrastructure is not directly identifiable to you.



  • We restrict collection and analysis of personal data to your isolated and dedicated Cypient Black Member-specific security infrastructure, over which you retain control, and to third-party portals that employ privacy and security practices consistent with this Notice (described further below).

  • We retain your personal data from user, device, and network logs for 30 days or less, however, you may delete all of your data, and completely reset your Cypient Black Member-specific security infrastructure at any time.



  • Unless specifically requested by you, we will never share your personal data with other parties.

  • We may use de-identified data about your digital security to enhance the cybersecurity capabilities of our enterprise and provide protection to members more broadly. In addition, for organization-sponsored memberships, we may use such de-identified performance data to provide cybersecurity metrics and reporting to a member’s sponsoring organization.

3.3. Third Party Servicers

We use third party software to facilitate certain components of our platform that collect and process your information. This includes capabilities we use for password management, endpoint protection, device management, network management and reputation monitoring, which process and temporarily store your data in their cloud-based portals. 


We take steps to ensure these services maintain privacy and security practices that meet our standards, and that data is collected and used by these services consistent with this notice. However, we do not have control over the services or privacy policies provided by these third parties. 


We do not collect information from visitors through this website, and do not use this website to target visitors for advertising purposes. Visitors may use the "Contact Us" link at the bottom of this site to send us an email using their own email service. 

Our website provider uses cookies it places on this website in order to secure this site and to keep track of visitors’ preferences. A cookie is small data file that is downloaded and stored on a visitor's device, which may be used to collect information from a visitor. Visitors may delete or block cookies on this site, and should refer to the Help menu of their internet browser for more information.